Aims and Objectives

Our Aims and Objectives

“Learn, Practice, Propagate Islam & Encourage others to do the same.”

After years of collaborated research and planning, our esteemed Ulama (scholars) and qualified professionals formulated a unique curriculum that aimed to combine a complete Alima Course (higher Islamic studies) for girls, Hifz-ul-Qur’an (memorization of Qur’an) and state-approved curriculum (1st grade to High School).

Our primary objective and goal is to foster an Islamic environment according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In this environment, every individual on all levels of our society will receive adequate Islamic and competitive state -standardized academic education. Insha’Allah, students adhering to our curriculum will be Hafeza and ‘Aalima and simultaneously achieve a U.S. Board of Education Certified High School Diploma. This will produce a role model for others to follow.

In Baitul Hamd, there exists a welcoming family atmosphere; an atmosphere where trust, friendliness, and insistence are mixed with encouragement to help our children develop the characteristics of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

We want our children to be intelligent, happy, and have high moral character (akhlaaq). Most importantly, we want them to be pious and productive citizens in their society.  Part of the value of this school is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice by inculcating the love to practice what they’ve learned. We introduce our children to the realistic understanding of the full spectrum of Islam. We also place high value on authentic knowledge that is beyond the shadow of doubt.