Faculty Staff

Faculty Staff

“Learn, Practice, Propagate Islam & Encourage others to do the same.”

Baitul Hamd is the only full-time girls’ Islamic School in North America that provides memorization of the Quran, Qiraat training, A’lima course and academic education together under one curriculum. With this combination, the students will become wonderful contributors to their society and also achieve success in this life and the hereafter.


Scholars who have been teaching up to 30 years from world-renowned Islamic Institutions
A Qirat teacher who is highly qualified and is exceptional in her teaching process
A teachers’ staff which includes professionals qualified from Columbia University, a professor with a PhD, and a civil engineer qualified from the University of Florida among others
A specialized entrepreneurship program (sponsored by various U.S. Companies) aimed to prepare students for professional work at home
Baitul Hamd Institution looks to achieve excellence: We uphold the imperative responsibility of educating our precious children by providing an environment that is 100% in accordance to the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Alhamdulillah, all our administrators, teachers, and staff members maintain the rules and regulations of Islamic Shariah especially Hijaab. Our goal is to give the students a complete understanding of Islamic knowledge and inculcate the love to practice on what they’ve learned. Meanwhile, our students are provided with full competitive state-academic education.
We acknowledge that all students deserve the highest quality of education where the gap between knowledge and practice is bridged. For this, Baitul Hamd has staffed their teaching positions with caring, competent, and qualified teachers. These experienced teachers understand both the subjects they teach and the children they are teaching (the most important formula in student achievement). Our teachers’ education ranges from Bachelor’s to PhD. in Islamic and academic fields. In addition, this fine institution is supported by skilled and committed school support staff who are looking to attain Allah’s acceptance.
We give careful consideration when choosing our academic materials to meet the demands of today’s education. The administration carefully selects authentic and effective text books that are aimed to deliver the knowledge to the student in a structured and clear manner. Most of the Alim course books are ordered from South Africa’s Islamic libraries. Other books are selected by qualified Muftis to sharpen the skills of our students in the Arabic language. For state academic education, we use competitive books published by McGraw Hill and The Princeton Review which are commonly used by New York State private and public schools.

Baitul Hamd offers transportation for students in selected areas of Queens and Brooklyn. Please contact us if you would like to know if your area is covered.