Baitul Hamd Institute

Learn, Practice, Propagate Islam & Encourage Others.

Immerse Yourself in Islamic Knowledge & State-Approved Academics

Traditional Knowledge

We offer traditional knowledge of Qurʾān, ḥadīth, exegesis (tafsīr) Islamic law (fiqh), and much more


For high schoolers, our secular academics follow high school standards as per U.S. Dept. of Education​

Qualified Scholars

Study under experienced, qualified scholars who have studied in their fields for numerous years​

Ḥāfiẓahs Produced
Learned to Read Qurʾān
Years of Experience

Qurʾān Memorization

A full-time program to memorize the Holy Book along with a school curriculum in accordance with U.S. Department of Education


ʿIlm Program

A full-time 7 years program to become a ʿālim/ʿālimah, along with state-approved school curriculum

Tajwīd Training Course

Do you want to recite the Qurʾān with proper pronunciation as it was recited by the Prophet (SAW)?



A variety of articles, writings, and discourses on ḥadīth literature, its commentary, methodologies and principles of ḥadīth criticism, etc.


Islamic Law (fiqh)

An number of articles and writings on Islamic legal matters and Islamic law.


Islamic History

A series of papers and articles on Islamic history, including Prophetic biography (sīrah) and specialized writings on the Companions, scholars, and historical figures.


Our Facilities

What Our Students Are Saying


I began studying in Baitul Hamd Institute in 2008. Under the guidance of my teachers, I was given the opportunity to study various sciences within the Islamic field including Arabic, history, Hadīth, Tafsīr, and fiqh. Baitul Hamd created a learning environment that enhanced the true nature of these subjects, instilling in the value and importance of the dīn in each aspect of our lives. Through this, we not only understood the words written but were equipped with the skills and abilities needed to implement the learning and acquire its full benefit within ourselves and for those around us. Our teachers fulfilled their roles as our spiritual guides with role-modeling the character and etiquettes of acquiring this sacred knowledge and living as a believer especially in such times. They welcomed each one of us, with our different backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses, tailoring their teaching methods to meet our individual needs, ensuring that we were given the tools to succeed both in this world and the hereafter.
Bint Asad
Graduate Student, B.A in Childhood Education
Baitul Hamd wasn’t just a school for me, but rather it was a sanctuary where I grew up privileged to not only given the opportunity to learn ʿilm as I was studying the Alimah course, but also blessed enough to be taught and constantly reminded how to implement the ʿilm in our daily lives. My adolescent years were all spent there learning and growing; from my pre-teens to my teens staying in Madrasah help built character preparing me for adulthood and the real world.
Bint Akhtar
Graduate with BS in Economics and Finance; Research Assistant in Fintech Recruitment
Baitul Hamd is very welcoming, the time I've spent here made my knowledge expand vastly. I have many great teachers who care and give me enough time to understand all the material being taught. The kind of care I've received from Mufti Saab and others always made me feel very welcomed and accepted.
Bint Muhammad
Fifth Year Student

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