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We have courses and programs for everyone in the Muslim household.


Qurʾān Memorization

A full-time program to memorize the Holy Book along with a school curriculum in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education. Students can graduate having memorized the Qurʾān and continue their studies in college.

ʿIlm Program

A full-time 7 years program covering courses in Arabic literature, morphology, grammar, and rhetoric. It also spans Qurʾānic interpretation (tafsīr), ḥadīth, Islamic law and legal theory, Islamic history, to become a ʿālim/ʿālimah, along with state-approved school curriculum.


Qurʾānic Arabic Studies

Imagine opening the Qurʾān and understanding every word? Do you want to understand the Qurʾān as you read it or when it is recited? In two years studying part-time, you can learn to comprehend and absorb the sweetness of this Noble Book.

Adult Essentials Sunday Program

A light Sunday program for young and older adults to learn Islamic basics for sisters. This program is ideal for busy or working adults. Topics such as introductory tafsīr, basic Islamic rulings (fiqh), tajwīd, etc.


Tajwīd Training Course

Do you want to recite the Qurʾān with proper pronunciation as it was recited by the Prophet (SAW)? Train with qualified teachers and receive their personal attention to improve your recitation of the Noble Book.

Post-Graduate Research Program for ʿĀlimahs

An innovative specialized program for ʿālimahs after graduation to train in research in ḥadīth and fiqh related matters​. Initially, Arabic competency is focused on, moving to training in referencing and grading ḥadīth. Thereafter, focus is placed in the study of the legal schools and their history. structure, legal works and jurists.


After-School Studies

Do you want your youth to develop an early Islamic identity? This is an after-school Qurʾān and Islamic studies program ideal for youth enrolled in public school​ to learn Islamic basics.


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Our curricululum and syllabus are meticulously designed to address the intellectual and educational needs of Muslims living in North America. We are devoted to the nurturing of all Muslims, young and old to live a life replete with the teachings of the Beloved Messenger (peace be upon him).

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